VR/3D Sound Design

We are pleased to announce that the studio is now providing sound design services for Virtual Reality (VR) platforms. After almost one year in operation the studio is now equipped to provide such a service. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to provide you with a complete interactive package for your VR project, including game, animation and music. A VR/360 project would not be complete without a corresponding 3D sound field to add to the immersive touch of your project.

If you are a nerd and interested in some technical details, we are currently making use of originally recorded 1st order Ambisonics (FOA) files and processed using different tools as required, including tools from Blue Ripple Sound, and Facebook360. This is a relatively new and fast emerging sector, so tools are constantly being updated and improved, which proves somewhat difficult to content creators. We are constantly on the lookout to keep up with current trends and new technologies.

And you know what’s also cool about spatial/3D audio? We can make use of it even for traditional 2D platforms. In fact 3D audio can be an excellent addition to a frontal / fixed view animation only while having a 3D sound field to enhance the user experience.

We will help throughout the project, including implementation and sharing of the final project, depending on the final platform, including Youtube and Facebook.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

Ambisonics Field recording
Field recording session in FOA at the Malta Grand harbour using the Sennheiser AmbeoVRmic and ZoomF4 for a VR animation.